Monday, April 27, 2009

wave hammock-parasol

. Monday, April 27, 2009

designed by erik nyberg and gustav strom
leave your troubles behind, and be overwhelmed by a wave of wellness. wave will become your favorite place to dwell; hovering halfway between heaven and earth, while simply doing nothing…

wave consists of electro-polished stainless steel and perforated fabric, one type for the upper roof section, and another for the lying section. wave stands on a single point, giving it its unique floating impression, but the construction can withstand strong forces from people, weather, and wind. the idea is to convey the feeling of lying underneath the canopy of a tree and surrounded by a defined, natural space. gently enveloped, one can choose to swing slowly or simply enjoy the serenity.

europe’s major design fair, maison&objet outdoor/indoor, offered a specially arranged space at the show in paris due to the fact that they, as many others, considered wave unique in the world. it is seen as a category of its own – neither a hammock, a sun chair, nor a parasol. it is an artwork that combines functionality with beauty and elegance, and those who see it seem immediately inspired to own one.

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21st Century Mickey USB Webcam with Fan + Microphone + LED Light


21st Century Mickey USB Webcam with Fan + Microphone + LED Light is no doubt one of the coolest desktop gadgets to own.

This is gadgetry at its best. Have you run out of USB slots on your laptop or desktop computer? Do you have a desk fan, a webcam, an LED light for your keyboard all scattered around your desk? This solution will blow you away. Presenting a webcam with MIC attached to a base, along with an LED light for your keyboard and fan feature to cool you down. The fan and LED light can be detached and plugged in to any USB port, whether on your laptop of desktop PC. Best of all, all 4 features are designed with flexible metallic cords for maximum versatility. In addition, the base comes with a suction holder which lets it stay in one place even on a smooth vertical surface.

This creative and innovative all in one design is safe for people of all ages to use straight from the box; just plug and play. Use the webcam with its amazing quality to video chat, along with its MIC for audio. If you're the kind of person that likes to relax in low light on your computer listening to your tunes, just turn off the lights and switch on the LED flash light to help you type and provide mood lighting, last but not least, if you get a little hot, just turn the fan "ON" and cool down.

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